Fundamentals on Childbirth:

Birth is normal, natural, healthy, & safe.
Women have an innate ability to give birth.
The experience of birth profoundly affects women and their families.
Women's confidence & ability to give birth is enhanced or diminished by the care provider & place of birth.
Women have the right to give birth free from routine medical interventions.
Birth can safely take place in homes, birth centers and hospitals.


About Genny

For starters, I received my Lamaze Certification in a small Amish town called Intercourse, Pennsylvania. I currently teach Lamaze Childbirth Classes in Jacksonville, Florida. I am married to my amazing husband, Dave and we have two beautiful children together which led my heartfelt passion into teaching Lamaze. 

This class is designed to provide you with the knowledge, tools and confidence to have the birth you desire.  Birth is one of the most important events in parent's lives & this class will teach you everything you need to know about birth in an interactive & fun way through activities and illustrations. 


Childbirth Class Offerings​

August 2020 (4 Class Series) 

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September 2020 (4 Class Series)

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4 Class Series

$150 per couple

Topics covered in the class:

Pregnancy - physical and emotional health, tips for discomfort, birth plans, precautions, nutrition by trimester, overview of labor, birth fitness, pain management, positioning and movement for pregnancy, labor and birth.

Relaxation techniques, stress reduction and breath awareness. breathing strategies, labor support such as doula's and partners' role. The flow of labor and what to expect. The stages of labor, positions for pushing, discuss all medical interventions, informed decisions, informed refusal, challenges of labor, the postpartum period, newborn appearance, and breastfeeding basics.


You and your partner decide what topics to learn about and discuss with me so you are prepared for the big day. The ultimate goal is that you feel valued and respected during birthing time.

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Dedicated to teaching families that childbirth is normal, natural, healthy & safe

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